The 60th IAVS Annual Symposium - Botanical Excursions in Central and Western Sicily

Field Guide for the 60th IAVS Symposium

Autori: Riccardo Guarino, Salvatore Pasta

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ISBN: 978-88-99934-47-7

ISBN: 978-88-99934-45-3

A comprehensive guide for botanical excursions in Central and Western Sicily, including 24 itineraries described in every detail and illustrated by maps and photographs of the excursion sites. The book illustrates, as well, the whole flora of Sicily (more than 3000 species of vascular plants) arranged in synoptic tables and provides an up-to date syntaxonomy and bibliography of the phytosociological classification of the Sicilian vegetation.
The guide was prepared for the 60th Annual Symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science, held in Palermo, Italy, on June 20–24, 2017. The symposium saw 393 participants from 56 States across 5 continents. The abstract book is available for free download in this website.



I. The coastal capes around Palermo
II. The northwestern corner
III. Salt pans, salt marshes and lagoons of western Sicily
IV. The south-western corner
V. Evaporitic memories
VI. Sandy hills
VII. Nebrodi Mts
VIII. Madonie Mts
IX. The wood of Ficuzza and Rocca Busambra
X. Other itineraries
Syntaxonomic list of the vegetation units
Thematic bibliography
Index of species
Index of families

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Pubblicazione: Giugno 2017