Techical English for Agricolture

New edition with over 1800 techinal terms translated into Italian

Autore: Riccardo Lo Bianco

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ISBN: 978-88-5509-318-7

The handbook provides various descriptions and reading passages containing technical terms useful to study, investigate and work in the field of agricultural sciences and technologies. It is specifically designed for students and operators in agriculture who are not native English speakers. The text provides clear and easy descriptions of objects, mechanisms or biological entities used or found in some important agricultural activities. When a direct description or definition is not given in the text, specific hand drawings are provided and become the perfect aid for understanding the technical terms or concepts. Several technical terms specific to the different areas of agriculture (botany, plant physiology, the environment, irrigation, engineering, farming systems, insects and pathogens, etc.) are reported in boldface to facilitate the reader’s focus. This new version brings over 1800 technical terms translated into Italian and is mainly intended for the learning progress of undergraduate students attending the course of Technical English for Agriculture at the SAAF department. Of course, this last effort may also be of help and use to self-learn English technical terms to anyone dealing with agricultural related activities.

Pubblicazione: Ottobre 2021

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