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ISBN: 2724-0576

ISBN: 2724-0576

This instalment of the journal has been conceived and produced as a sort of issue number 0, introductory to the new series and, therefore, does not reflect in many respects (from the number of pages to the structure and type of articles) its standard format as indicated on the journal's website. Thinking of the long period it took for mankind to accept zero as a number – something that perhaps even today is not done by everyone – for practical reasons, it was decided to call it issue number 1. On the other hand, in view of the ideal continuity we wish to maintain with the past, we could also consider this to be issue number 108. As if to say that, even in a magazine characterised as "mathematical" right from its name, numbers can be confused, or confusing.

Data di pubblicazione: Giugno 2020

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