Media, Power and Identity

Discursive Strategies in Ideologically-Oriented Discourses

Curatori: Floriana Di Gesù, Alexandra Pinto, Assunta Polizzi (eds.)

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ISBN: 978-88-99934-94-1

ISBN: 978-88-99934-97-2

This book represents the third noteworthy product of the Memità Network. The essays within this book constitute a critical approach from a linguistic and cultural point of view regarding authoritarianism’s reception in the media. In particular, the work opens up with a session whose purpose is to demonstrate the role of colonial press as an instrument of identity construction.

This book, through multiple contributions that trace multiple historical, cultural realities, offers itself as a further basis on the need for discourses and narratives decoding, that the media provide in the History. The analysis of ideologically oriented cultural products becomes the starting point for a particular recovery and recoding of a collective heritage that facilitates intercultural dialogue among the citizens of the twenty-first century.

Pubblicato a febbraio 2018

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