Borders, Identity and Memory in Media Studies

A cura di: Oleksandr Pronkevich, Oleg Rumyantsev, Claudio Maria Schirò

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ISBN: 978-88-5509-178-7

ISBN: 978-88-5509-179-4

The concepts of border, identity and memory are deeply rooted in our consciousness and continue to play a huge part in the complicated situation which humanity is facing nowadays. Large portions of population are affected by migration, ethnic cleansing, intolerance, racism, armed
conflicts leading to the remapping of delimitation lines between states. The authors of this collection of studies show a collective reflection on the above mentioned phenomena, focusing on their impact on cultures of today’s societies. The essays collected in this book offer a broad interdisciplinary methodological perspective taking into account a wide range of ideological, aesthetic and artistic practices from verbal and visual arts, the media, and history in many parts of the world.

Pubblicato a agosto 2020

Numero di pagine: 234