3rd International Conference on Environmental Design

3-4 October | Marsala - Sicily

Autori: AA. VV.

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ISBN: 978-88-5509-060-5

Progress demands research, studying the existing with an eye to the future that can lead to the birth of new scenarios; we constantly talk about environment, pollution, traffic, consumption: we complain, discuss it with friends, but don’t always really participate. The conference on environmental design is only a way to start divulging how much research does in several fields, on different levels: from the scientific from the public one, from the business to the social one. Discussing, analyzing, suggesting is the only way to deal with the future in a constructive and integrated way. The scientific excellencies that were invited, coming from different parts of the world and from illustrious research centers, are called to discuss, listen and suggest new thoughts; the same possibility is given to new researchers, giving a moment to expose, on an international plane, the advancements of their own research. All this becomes a chance of participation and confrontation that is useful to the vision that MDA has set itself since the start: improving the quality of life…

Pubblicato a settembre 2019

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